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Challenging hiking in a beautiful and fertile region of rugged mountains and picturesque villages.

Watchful Chimp at Gombe National Park
Jebel Siroua - Ancient Volcanic Massif

Jebel Siroua is an ancient volcanic massif located between the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains, south of Marrakech. The area is a dissected plateau with a wide range of volcanic features, including numerous craters and lava plugs.

On a clear day, the nub-like summit offers some of the best views in Morocco, with the High Atlas, the Anti-Atlas, the Jebel Bani and even the dunes of the Sahara in view. In this region it is possible to stay in Berber houses and enjoy excellent walking. Guide and mule services are available in a limited capacity in Taliouine.

Siroua is located about 50 km southeast of Toubkal. It is in the rain shadow of the High Atlas, receiving much less precipitation. However its elevation is sufficient to receive winter snowfalls. The best time to trek in this region is during April.

Most treks in the Siroua region tackle the non-technical summit of Jebel Siroua to the north of the trailhead town of Taliouine. Walkers can enjoy some challenging hikes in this beautiful, fertile mountainous region.

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