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Popular with day trippers from Marrakech and a major trekking base for walkers attempting ascents of Jebel Toubkal.

Only 65 km from Marrakech, Imlil can be reached by private vehicle (with driver) in 1 hour 20 minutes. The road narrows considerably after the turn-off from the market town of Asni, winding for 18 km up into the village. Once in Imlil travel is on foot (or possibly by mule for those who need assistance).

Watchful Chimp at Gombe National Park
Imlil Village - Important High Atlas Trek Base

Imlil has long been regarded as a necessary gateway for those attempting an assault on the summit of Jebel Toubkal or undertaking a trekking trip through the High Atlas range. With easy access by road from Marrakech Imlil has developed into a bustling large village with mountain guides, hospitable Berber people, mules, shops, tea houses, accommodation and local restaurants.

At an elevation of 1,740 metres, surrounded by walnut and fruit trees, and the most important village of the Ait Mizane Valley, Imlil lies some 65 km from Marrakech and 18 km from Asni. The surfaced road into the Atlas ends here.

Other than browsing the souvenir shops that line the narrow road that runs through the village, there is little to see in Imlil itself. It is a place from which to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding High Atlas mountains (and a view of Jebel Toubkal on a clear day). With the recent influx of low-cost flights to Marrakech Imlil is growing as a day and night trip destination for those seeking an experience of life in the High Atlas.

The base of Jebel Toubkal is a 5 hour walk away from Imlil village, making the village the most popular base from which to commence the challenge. There are a wide variety of longer trekking circuits and day walks possible in the Jebel Toubkal National Park.

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