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Gateway to the Central High Atlas surrounded by olive fields with Tadla Fortress and near to Zaida National Park.

Watchful Chimp at Gombe National Park
Beni Mellal - Gateway to the Central High Atlas

Located in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, Beni Mellal and its surroundings offers travellers a picture of beautiful Morocco with serene views over olive fields, a natural lake surrounded by snow and small villages spread out over coloured hills. 

The city of Beni Mellal was established in 1688 under the Ismaelian dynasty. The Sultan Moulay Ismail built the fortress of Tadla famous for its ramparts and the Bel-kush Kasbah. In the district of Soumaa, there is a zaouïa founded by Sidi Ahmed Ibn Kassim Soumai in the 16th century. The fusion of these two small cities created the current Beni Mellal. By that time Beni Mellal was known under the name of "Day".

Beni Mellal is a destination for people who seek relaxation and who love nature. Visitors to Beni Mellal can head for Azilal village famous for its waterfalls - the Cascades d'Ouzoud - or perhaps visit one of its nearby berber villages to get in touch with the regional culture and way of life.

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